Value engineering is the mainstay of Intelligent Living’s unique product development service. To achieve this, Clients involve us from design. The result is a transparent creative partnership with outstanding material results, optimised to their full potential - style and quality stand uncompromised.
— Joseph Karam
Founder & Director, Joseph Karam

Founder & Director, Joseph Karam


Intelligent Living (IL) specialises in the manufacture of custom joinery, furniture and lighting. 

IL services numerous Australian markets, including the Hotel, Gaming and Leisure, Residential Development, Retail and Commercial sectors, with engagement from turnkey solutions to supply-only. 

Unique to IL is its demonstrable expertise in regional manufacturing, with a coal-face presence in the Peoples Republic of China since 2004. 

The strength of IL is in its capability to execute and deliver on complex product development briefs, on a large scale, without compromising on quality or style. 

IL’s strengths in supply chain management shine through on large scale projects. Thorough planning and meaningful communication form the foundations of success, ensuring accuracy and attention to detail is present at every stage of the process.

Quality Control is integrated into every phase of the supply chain across every level, from raw materials to process mapping, with checks and measures carried out at the coal-face by IL decision makers. 

IL has earned a reputation for being suppliers of beautiful detailed joinery and bespoke furniture pieces, while also being regarded for their capabilities in complex product development, such as LED Lighting.